Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Transgressions and Touchdowns

Another out of this world day in Ball State today. Grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to Delaware County Court for 9 O'Clock to sit in on the morning session. We saw 11 cases in the circular courtroom, ranging from pre-trials, Bond setting, Fines and Convictions. The severity of the cases ranged tremendously, from people missing court hearings and being discharged from probation up to battery and worse. Massive array of punishment dished out by the judge; fines, 10 years in Prison and Warrants being issued among them. I don't know exactly what to say about the experience, but it felt strange looking in on some of the most defining crossroads in people's lives. The whole morning, including the session and our discussion with the Judge, one of the prosecutors and 2 probation officers gave a whole extra perspective on the criminal justice system, one far more complicated than the one of the police, where the job is simply to catch the bad guy. A great deal of seeming unnecessary bureaucracy, but it all serves the purpose of ensuring people have faith in the institution. I don't really know what to think of this stage in the process, but there must be a better way.

After our morning in court, we headed into "downtown" Muncie to eat, ending up in a very arty café called 2(0h!)4, where I devoured not only a delicious chicken bacon wrap wrapped in spinnach, but the various exotic burgers and sandwiches the others ordered. Suitably full, we mooched around Muncie for a while before coming back to campus. I ended up going to the gym with one of the American guys. Here's a tip for everyone, training with someone who is serving in the national guard and aspiring to join the field artillery is ALWAYS going to be tough. After a brutal chest workout, we threw the American football around on the INDOOR football field. Ended up getting back to the hotel room exhausted, got some salad and water down me before getting BACK to the gym to do it all again, this time with a 240lb football player in the mix. After the gym I helped the two guys get ready for a tournament this coming sunday, ran some offence and some defence for them, catching everything that came my way and shutting down my man on D. Watching them throw the ball around was a thing of beauty, both of them far better than anyone I've ever seen back home. Although I suppose it's part of the culture, most english kids can kick a ball around, they can toss a funny shaped egg to each other really fast.

Ended the day on a massive high, all of us went up to IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, where a massive quantity of food was consumed. Gonna get a good sleep before work shadowing in the probation office tomorrow! Will upload some more photos soon, not taken enough today! Take care world.

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