Monday, 4 April 2011

One Hell of a journey - A Journey of Epic Proportions

Well here I am, room 334 of the hotel in Ball State University, 7.30 Am Eastern Time. Yesterday (all 40 something hours of my waking day) was incredible. Don't even know where to being. After Mens Rugby winning Club and Team of the Year and the presentation ball (Just another excuse to suit up), Got in so late I had to pull an all nighter before heading off to Birmingham International Airport (Not East Midlands, wouldn't want to go there). Slept through take off and next thing I know we're somewhere over the Atlantic just beyond Iceland. Killed time on the flight alright, slept, read, enjoyed the surprisingly delicious airplane food (note to everyone, fly Continental Airlines, nice food, good selection of entertainment and happy American Air hostesses). Incredible views over Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec and Upstate New York, photos to follow. Our final approach into Newark airport was immense, the sprawling city of New Jersey below us and Manhatten out of the left hand side of the plane. I didn't get any photos (some moody teenager wouldn't take photos for me (sucks being on the wrong side) but caught a glimpse of the skyline, Empire State Building included! Saw the statue of Liberty too, it's bigger than I imagined. You see Manhatten so much on TV and in films, but nothing quite prepares you for the real thing. After much tubulence, we landed in Newark, went through customs without any mishaps and caught our connection to Indianapolis.

Quick word about our connecting flight. It was tiny. I had both a window seat and an aisle seat. Slept through takeoff (again) and next thing I know I'm looking out the window at 30,000 feet at American farmland. Jaw dropping, pics to follow.

Nice smooth decent into the space age Indianapolis Airport (built about 2 years ago), where we ended up killing plenty of time before our shuttle picked us up. Tried a Hershey bar (omg delicious) and some American Pizza (also amazing). Picked up by the shuttle and got a guided tour through Indianapolis from an Architecture Professor (saw the Colts Stadium and various incredible sights, will put the photos up tonight.

Incredible drive across the plains of Indiana, could see for miles in all directions. Got to Muncie, checked in, then had a genuine American Taco from Taco Bell with the American's we're staying with. If there isn't one already, we're gonna have to open a franchise back home. There's potential there. Ended up going to eat properly with them and a joint called Chili's where the waitress loved my accent. It's gonna be a good week. Had a nice stressful journey Home driving my mates Truck. Being an Automatic AND Left hand drive was alot to handle :s

Well, gonna go grab a MASSIVE breakfast, big day ahead, tour of Ball State, possibly a tour of Muncie then a demonstration and session with the Muncie Police Canine Unit. Will let you all know how it goes this eveining!

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  1. Sounds awesome. And that is true about Manhattan